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DayneWell L-Spinal
Compression Device

US Patent 5,779,733
DynaWell L-Spine consists of a compression device in hard plastic, and a neoprene-and-nylon compression harness. Worn by the patient, the harness is attached to the compression device using side straps. These are carefully tightened to axially loadthe lumbar spine.

Compression indicators register the total weight exerted on the lumbar spine. Pressure should equal 40-50 % of the patient's body weight- never more than 50 %- and the weight should be distributed equally on both legs. Pressure is regulated by tightening or loosening the compression adjustment knobs..

DynaWell L-Spine compression harness helps patients to remain in a motionless position, and ensures that pressure is distributed across the chest rather than the shoulders. Special shoulder pads also increase comfort during MRI or CT examination. The compression device itself enables accurate axial compression, which may in turn result in more accurate cross-sectional images of the lumbar spine, often revealing disorders that are not otherwise visible.

DynaWell lumbar spinal compression device has CE and FDA certificates. The period of warranty lasts for two years. Please get in touch with us if you face any technical problems.

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