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DynaWell L-Spinal
Compression Device

DynaWell of Sweden is a progressive source in the area of medical technology for enhanced Computerized Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The company's (DynaWell Int. AB) mission is to provide physcians with more powerful diagnostic tools enabling safer, more accurate and cost-effective treatments. The ultimate goal is to help patients recover from sciatica and neurogenic claudication.

DynaWell lumbar spinal compression system was invented by a spinal surgeon and radiologist who faced many of the same challenges you face today.

When examining patients in an unloaded, psoas- relaxed position (PRP), a narrowing of the spinal canal could often remain undetected. By contrast, when examined in a slightly extended position during axial compression (ACE), the pathologic features tend to be more visible.

Using DynaWell L-Spine, for instance, you are 60-70 % more likely to spot a stenotic situation in the spinal canal than with a regular unloaded examination. Based on such positive results, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved DynaWell L-Spine for use in the US for lumbar spinal disorders. [www.dynawelldiagnostics.com]

A clear diagnosis opens possibilities for a healthier life.


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